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Sisters Agency is an international photography agency created by the Danish sisters Birgitta Wolfgang and Julia Mincarelli. They produce high quality images and feature articles together focused on interiors, food, lifestyle, travel and gardens.


Birgitta is a world-class photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark and Julia is based in Arles, France. 


The combination of Birgitta’s artistic imagery and Julia’s vivid commentary breathe life and vibrancy into subjects ordinary as well as extraordinary from all around the world.

Our Books
Birgitta has published five exceptional lifestyle books featuring captivating photography showcasing different elements of artistic living. The books can be seen on
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Feel free to contact us with any further questions or enquiries at:

Julia Mincarelli Managing Partner

Office +33 4 88 09 01 66

Cell +33 6 25 07 74 72


Emilie Rigaud Assistant Manager

Office +33 4 88 09 01 66


Sisters Agency, Mas Gros, RD 453 no 4673, 13280 Raphèle Les Arles, France - tel.: +33 4 88 09 01 66/ +33 6 25 07 74 72 -